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Eroshkina Valeria Konstantinovna

  • The candidate in deputies of maslikhat of Almaty city on the constituency No. 3 2016
  • Qualification certificate of the auditor of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 29, 2016 № 6.
  • Professional mediator of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Certificate of professional accountant of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 26, 2009 № 0000008.
  • The certificate of the professional accountant of the Russian Federation of March 29, 2012 № 246345.
  • Certificate cap (certified accounting practitioner) of 15 December 2008 № 0010433.
  • Qualification certificate of the independent tax consultant of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 348 dated 2011.
  • Member of the Council of the chamber of tax consultants of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Business coach seminars on various topics of tax accounting, accounting legislation, management, marketing.
  • Acting consultant-practices of the leading companies of Kazakhstan on accounting and taxes.
  • Author of articles of the information system Paragraph, etc…;
  • Author of manuals “Accounting in accordance with IFRS”, “Taxes and taxation”.
  •  Developer of examination modules for professional certification of accountants of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Tax consultant of the Association of taxpayers of Kazakhstan.
  • Author of video films “International financial reporting standards” in 2011.
  • Author of distance learning on certification of professional accountants of Kazakhstan 2011-2016.
  • Author of distance learning “Professional development of professional accountants of Kazakhstan” 2015-2016.
  • Chairman of the primary party organization “Association of accountants and auditors”, member of the audit Commission of the Almaty city branch of the party “Nur Otan”.
  • The political Council of the Almalinsky regional branch of the party “Nur Otan”.

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