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Event at the Department «Economics and management»

This event was attended by 1st year students and teachers of the Department. The Department of “Economics and management” was founded in 1972, now it is one of the leading departments of the University. The Department employs highly qualified specialists, doctors, candidates of economic Sciences, employees and specialists involved in the educational process from business and government organizations.During these 47 years, more than 6,000 graduates have been released, who are currently working in domestic, foreign companies, organizations of the state by qualified high-level specialists.

The main purpose of the day of the Department is to educate students entering the University, with the teaching staff of the specialized Department., it was noted that students need to familiarize with the main activities of the Department, as well as engage in science, studying a foreign language, sports, etc. Head of the Department “Economics and management” Zholdasbayeva Gulnara karimovna thanked the 1st year students for what they did not stay away and wished them success.

In connection with the 175th anniversary of the birth of the great Kazakh poet Abay Kunanbayev, the holiday was opened with his beautiful song, competitions for words of gratitude were held, which contribute to the education of students of good qualities., good performances that teach the mind have been demonstrated.. Among them, senior students showed dances and songs, playing dombra and violin instruments, KVN and much more. In General, the holiday was held at a high level and can be considered an event of educational importance, which is preserved in the memory of students.

Head of the HSE Department G. K. dzholdasbayeva, lecturer S. O. Ospanova (event organizer)